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Blankforce Logic : Freeride

The Logic kiteboard will give you all you need for enjoying your freeride sessions.
Whether you are just starting out, the Logic 2015 offers full control with medium flextips and a smooth and forgiving ride thanks to the 5mm concave shaped bottom line.
The wide outline offers great upwind performance for progression and a perfect support to increase your jumps.
The Logic is build with quadaxial S-Glass layers to ensure an easy flex that eats up the chop and also gives a comfortable ride no matter what the conditions are like.

  • Deck only = with fins + screws.
  • Complete = Pads / Straps, screws and handle  (+100€)
Maat Prijs (deck only) Prijs (complete)
134×40 399€ 499€
137×41.5 399€ 499€
140×43 399€ 499€



Blankforce Enduro : Wakestyle/Freeride

Wake-bottom concept with Grindbase / deep channels for rides without fins
Pressflex for sliders and super hard stance area for pop
The stiff center ensures pop for invert tricks.

The softer tip area allows controlling the slides.The triple stage bottom shape offers a flat center surface to better control balance on boxes. To ensure unrivaled grip (also without fins) we designed very deep double channels along the rails.

Maat Prijs (deck only) Prijs (complete)
134×40 599€ 699€
137×41.5 599€ 699€
140×42 599€ 699€


Blankforce MK5 : Freestyle/Freeride

For competition Riders it’s pretty important that the board works in all terrain, as each competition is at a different spot. Therefor we focus on new materials and special outline design. The V bottom shape gives fast accelerations to maximize the jump altitude thats offer more time to the riders to full-fill the tricks. The side channels are stretched from tip to tip to increase the upwind performance so your back to the start in less time.

Maat Prijs (deck only) Prijs (complete)
 134×40 599€ 699€
 138×41.5 599€ 699€


Blankforce FMX : Freestyle/Freeride

The FMX is the perfect board for those who are looking for a great cross over board with a perfect mix of pop and forgiving medium flex.
The ride is smooth and easy, offering perfect control also in gust and choppy conditions.
The outline ratio is little bit wider and give to the rider more power for jumps and upwind than on usual shapes.
The Beech-polauwnia wood-core is perfect for the typical Wake-boots riders who want to press the edge more and deeper into the water for more load and line tension.
The quad-channels and double-concave offers superior grip and aid to smooth out the landings as well.


Maat Prijs (deck only) Prijs (complete)
 134×40 499€ 599€
 138×41.5 499€ 599€


Blankforce Advisory MX: Wakestyle/Freeride

For 2016 we radicaly redesigned the Advisory shape and focused competition wakestyle.
The big double concave combined to 6cm rocker line softens even the hardest of landings.
For cutting the edge, and more pop on the center part, we placed a full length channel on both sides.
With the quad-channel tipps, you get the maximum gripp so that the fins are reduced to 2cm only
The board outline is straight but feels very round with the extreme rocker and bevel-edge system, so that you realy have a smooth surf feeling even in the hardest choppy conditions.

Maat Prijs (deck only) Prijs (complete)
 138×41,5 699€ 799€
 142×42 699€ 799€


Blankforce Drive : Freeride Lightwind & School

The convex outline design improves edging and increases the angle to ride upwind. The Double Centre Fin System (DCFS) provides grip and allows to ride with less heel pressure.

The special Trapezoid 3D Cap has been designed to offer more stiffness on the heel side while maintaining a lot of flex on the toeside for blind tricks. You will have all freestyle options, as the stance is shifted to the heelside of the board.

Maat Prijs (complete)
139×46 559€
159×44 559€


bindings hd vs stdBlankforce Pads/Straps

Model Pads Straps Pads+Straps+Screws
STD 40€ 60€ 100€
HD 70€ 70€ 120€



bindings hd vs stdBlankforce Accessories

Model Pads Straps Prijs
Fins (2.0 / 3.5 / 4.2 / 4.8 mm) 40€ 60€ 59€
Handle 70€ 70€ 15€



Blankforce Pads Straps & Fins











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