Eleveight word in 2017 geschapen door de voormalige designer van BEST Kiteboarding, en door professioneel sinds 15 jaren in de kitesurf wereld gecomponeerd.


Eleveight FSeries 2018 : Freeride/Freestyle – vanaf 1069€

We designed the FSeries for ambitious and advanced riders. This performance open C four-line kite excels in freestyle and big air while providing the upwind and windrange qualities of a freeride kite.
The advanced short bridle system enhances the stability and control.

  • 5 strut open C design
  • High aspect ratio
  • Fast and powerful turning characteristics
  • Kite for big airs and vigorous loops
  • Good upwind performance and great stability
  • Plenty line slack and trick performance
  • Light wind sizes (14 & 16 m are equipped with 3 m extensions)
  • E/8 trusted quality
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Eleveight RSeries 2018 : Freeride/Cross Over – vanaf 879€

The RSeries is the ideal kite for performance riding in all styles and conditions. Its versatile cross over character adopts to the riders preferences, enabling him or her to boost big airs, throw spray of the lip of a wave or even land handlepass tricks. In short, the RS is a very agile but stable performance freeride kite that guarantees fun!

  • 3 strut delta hybrid shape
  • Medium to high aspect ratio
  • Quick and smooth turning
  • Big jumping and long hangtime
  • Great upwind performance
  • Most versatile high performance kite
  • Light wind sizes (14 & 17m come with 3 m extensions)
  • E/8 trusted quality
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Eleveight WSeries 2018 : Freeride/Wave – vanaf 999€

The WSeries reflects our long journey and the search for the perfect wave kite. Everybody at Eleveight is passionate about surfing, with and without kite. Designing the WS was a matter of heart and is the result of our experience and hard work.
The WS has the pivotal turning characteristics that are essential to a good wave kite.

Everybody who touched the WS was impressed by his crossover capacity and what a fun kite this is to fly.

  • 3 Strut Open C Hybrid
  • Medium aspect ratio
  • Rapid and direct turning characteristics
  • Stable downwind drift
  • Absorbing gusts and provides control in light winds
  • Light bar pressure for single hand control
  • Exceptional control of power and steering
  • E/8 trusted quality
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Eleveight CSeries Control Bar – 459€

The CS bar arose from our belief in clean, rider friendly design. It is our four line bar, attuned for full performance with our whole kite range. It comes in two sizes, 47 cm and 52 cm. The lines are 22 meters for the best speed/power ratio. The bar is as safe as it is functional. Its core piece is the newly designed Quick Matic quick release. The activation pressure is under 6 kg with a 200 kg load (French norm tested). Even when worst comes to worst, you will still be able to release with ease. Our thermocoated high performance lines are made in Germany. They come with a kook proof connection system to prevent tangled line when setting up your gear. Trimming the bar to your needs is easy.

  • 4 line bar with single front line safety
  • Innovative Quick-Matic release system with top swivel
  • Customizable de-power length with clam cleat
  • Front and backline trim option
  • Kook proof connection system
  • French norm safety compliance
  • Thermocoated high performance lines made in Germany
  • Short safety leash included







Eleveight Process Twintyp – 529€

To achieve these characteristics we got renowned Franz Schitzhofer to come up with a revolutionary 3-D concept. He developed a Paulowina wood core that is fused with carbon reinforcements. This generates a well-balanced flex pattern. In choppy waters and when landing in the flat, the flex absorbs the impact and protects your knees. Smooth 3-D channels at the tips of the board combined with the box rails provide plenty of grip and control without generating drag.
The board comes equipped with high quality pads and straps for ultimate control and comfort. Furthermore, the Process is shipped with 45mm G10 fins that are resistant to impact and provide enhanced control.
In short, the Process has smooth and easy accessible performance allows the rider to concentrate on what really counts in kiting – FUN!”
Used in snowboard technology, the board can be ridden with boots as well as with straps. The top sheet is ultra durable and UV resistance, ensuring that the board will last for years.

  • Performance freeride twin tip
  • Lightweight paulownia wood core for balanced flex and control
  • Carbon reinforcement for better landings and carving ability
  • Harmonized rocker line for early planing
  • Smooth channels for better control
  • Reinforced inserts used in snowboard technology
  • Ultra durable top sheet with UV resistance
  • 45mm G10 fins
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