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Flysurfer STOKE : Freestyle, Wave, Freeride

The STOKE is powerful, precise and super-responsive. A superb bar-feel gives you full control to throw big loops, shred massive waves or unleash its explosive pop. An easy choice for riders who like unhooked-freestyle, wave riding or gnarly big airs. Try the most radical FLYSURFER kite… share the stoke.

Maat Prijs (kite only) Prijs (complete)
6m² 999€ +449€
7m² 1049€ +449€
8m² 1099€ +449€
9m² 1149€ +449€
10m² 1199€ +449€
12m² 1299€ +449€
14m² 1399€ +449€


Flysurfer Boost2 : Light-Wind, Airstyle, Freeride, Hydrofoil

The BOOST2’s redefined canopy delivers spot-on high performance for any riding style. This powerhouse is best for hooked-in boosting and stands for the ultimate go-big-go-anywhere feeling. The BOOST2 is a true crossover kite for magical moments on the water. High performance with maximum control.

Maat Prijs (kite only) Prijs (complete)
5m² 1049€ 1498€
7m² 1149€ 1598€
9m² 1249€ 1698€
11m² 1349€ 1798€
13m² 1449€ 1898€
15m² 1549€ 1998€
18m² 1649€ 2098€


Flysurfer PEAK 3 : Freeride Snowkite

Go vertical! The PEAK3 features everything a passionate freerider’s heart could possibly desire – a highly-efficient and durable Single-Skin concept, simple set up, and easy to fly. Plus it offers power on demand with superb safety. Designed for universal use, it sets the standard for a touring kite. Adventure awaits you.

Maat Prijs (kite only) Prijs (complete)
4m² 499€ +449€
6m² 599€ +449€
9m² 699€ +449€
12m² 849€ +449€



Flysurfer Speed 5 : Freeride/Race

The SPEED5 combines striking design with maximum functionality. As an excellent all-rounder, this kite delivers by fast and direct turning, intoxicating hangtime and outstanding performance. Unique versatility that inspires in every kite discipline and all skill levels.


Maat Prijs (kite only)
6m² – Red 1249€
9m² – Bleu 1449€
12m² – Purple 1649€
15m² – Orange 1849€
18m² – Green 1199€
21m² – Turquoise 2199€





Flysurfer Infinity 3.0 Bar

Play it safe. Best grip, certified Quick Release 3.0 and high-quality lines give you the confidence you expect from a FLYSURFER product. Customize the INFINITY 3.0 Airstyle Clam-Cleat Bar through multiple tuning options for your personal needs and enjoy maximum comfort.


Prijs Maat
449€ 50cm – 21m of lines
499€ 60cm – 21m+6m of lines



Flysurfer RUSH : Freeride/Wakestyle

The RUSH provides immense pop, precision and control; exactly what you need for more technical tricks. It’s also fun and easy to ride, giving you confidence in all conditions. This board is aimed at riders who want to push their skills. Get ready to unlock your potential…

Maat Prijs (complete
137×41.5 – rouge 779€
140×43 – Vert 779€





Flysurfer FlySplit 2 : Freeride/Freestyle

The FLYSPLIT2 is based on our original crossover board – the Radical5, but split in two for your travel missions. No concessions on convenience nor riding pleasure need to be made. The FLYSPLIT2 is the lightest, most easy to carry and assemble board in our line up, allowing you to take it anywhere and it even fits in a normal suitcase.



Maat Prijs (complete)
134×41 – M – Rouge 999€
139×43 – L – Jaune 999€





Flysurfer Radical 5 : Freeride/Freestyle

The RADICAL5 is the performance crossover kiteboard line by Flysurfer for freeride, freestyle and wakestyle. Experience their new riding sensation, with reworked rocker curve and flex, allowing maximum control, more grip, less spray and explosive pop as result. Performance on demand!


Maat Prijs (complete)
134×40 649€
138×42 649€



Flysurfer Razor : Race/Freeride


Your ultimate directional board for early planing and top speeds, as well as fun in any wind. Because of its innovative as well as durable snowboard technology construction, combined with 25cm high performance G10 fins, the RAZOR allows anybody to have an easy introduction into Freeracing, Slalom and Touring.


Maat Prijs (complete)
165×60 699€




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