HB productenlijst beschikbaar bij het kitesurf winkel, BILLYKITE.

*De prijs van de boards bevat de FCS I glass fles serie fins + front en back pad classiek (grijs en zwart).


HB Decade 5’7 (24L) : Hybride/All ground

  • The best of the range Anti for freestyle and Lafayette for surf.


MaatPrijs (deck only)Prijs (complete)








HB Lafayette : Wave/Freestyle

A resolutely modern shape that offers an exceptional compromise for surfing and freestyle. The boxy rails allow a very fluid navigation whatever the conditions. At the same time soft and radical, the Lafayette is ultra precise and responds instantly. The reactivity is at the rendezvous thanks to the lightness of the board, to you the big backside air!


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HB Anti polyvalente : Freestyle/Wave

This is the declension of our double swallow 5’4, for lighter or expert riders. The exclusive «Diamond-Swallow» adds control to this modern shape. The wide Diamond nose catches wind and helps the board to stick your feet during tricks. The narrower swallow tail allows fast transition while surfing.

This new Anti is still a versatile board for both fresstyle and wave riding but it excels in light wind or small conditions. A huge work was done on the bottom of the board featuring 2 channels under the nose aera to optimize stability and acceleration. Pop is outstanding! Light, solid and with a perfect finishing, the 5’0 « Swallow-Diamond » is the best of the range in terme of reactivity.


MaatPrijs (deck only)Prijs (complete)




HB Bonaparte : Freestyle/Low Wind

The range’s OVNI thats shines in freestytle and in light wind. The tense rocker et the volume division turn this board into a rocket to cap and catch the fastest section.
The optimized scoop and outline allow to land the craziest tricks and offers an infinite scope for pogress thnks to his stability.
Compact and large, the Bonaparte’s reactivity allows to have fun in little conditions with a very slashy and player feeling.



MaatPrijs (deck only)Prijs (complete)







Pack AccessoriesPrijs
Complete –  Front and back pad (grijs/zwart)  + FCS I logo glass  flex150€
Complet PRO – Front and back pad (grijs/zwart) + FCS I logo honingraat165€
Pro –  Front and back pad (color to chose) + FCS I logo honingraat110€




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