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Ozone CATALYST V1 : Freeride

The Catalyst V1 is designed for entry level and intermediate riders – it’s a confidence inspiring, fun and easy kite to ride that will make your progression in the sport fast, safe and enjoyable.

Maat Prijs (kite only)
4m 820€
5m 940€
6m 995€
7m 1120€
8m 1160€
9m 1195€
10m 1245€
12m 1335€
14m 1395€

Ozone Enduro V2 2018 : All-Around (FreeRide/FreeStyle/Wave)

We love the Enduro, it has to be the one of the best go-to kites on the market and it just got better! Over the last two seasons we have refined the design into a sensational all-round package. The versatility is something best experienced for yourself – any style, any conditions, with the Enduro V2 you will be ripping!

Maat Prijs (kite only)
4m 1115€
5m 1195€
6m 1235€
7m 1375€
8m 1450€
9m 1460€
10m 1490€
11m 1520€
12m 1595€
14m 1695€


Ozone Reo V4 2018 : Wave

The Reo is an iconic model in the kite surf world – it’s renowned for delivering outstanding surf performance due to being specifically designed for uncompromised wave riding. Now in its fourth version, the Reo V4 continues to set the benchmark in performance, feeling and freedom on the wave.


Maat Prijs (kite only)
4m² 1020€
5m² 1050€
6m² 1090€
7m² 1190€
8m² 1260€
9m² 1345€
10m² 1380€
12m² 1435€


Ozone Edge V9 2018 : Freeride/Race

Action packed free ride, boosting to the moon, air style, speed, hydrofoil or twin-tip racing – the Edge V9 delivers high performance that is incredibly addictive.

Maat Prijs (kite only)
5m² 1380€
6m² 1405€
7m² 1465€
8m² 1570€
9m² 1605€
10m² 1670€
11m² 1725€
13m² 1775€
15m² 1920€
17m² 2070€
19m² 2220€



Ozone Zephyr V5 2018 : Lightwind

The Zephyr V5 brings a completely new design to the market. It maintains key elements of the performance dominating Edge and ease of use from previous Zephyr models, with an all-new plan form and profile for increased performance and a smoother ride.


Maat Prijs (kite only)
17m 1850€





Ozone Hyperlink V1 : Foil/Snowkite

Innovation is often inspired by being in the right place, at the right time, with all the right connections coming together allowing the genesis of a new vision or era. The Hyperlink is our vision to take you into that new era.

Maat Prijs (kite only)  /Ultralight
5m 1495/1655€
7m 1670/1820€
9m 1745/1990€
12m 1895/2095€


Ozone Chrono V3 : LightWind

from the Chrono legacy and packed full of the latest technology, this all-new design takes it to the next level. The Chrono V3 is by far the most universal high level foil kite, you can expect outstanding performance across the board.

Maat Prijs (kite only) /Ultralight
7m 2090/2245€
9m 2180/2350€
11m 2350/2555€
13m 2480/2890€
15m 2695/3455€
18m 2760/3645€



Ozone UNO V2 2018 : SCHOOL

The Uno V2 is a simple, affordable and robust inflatable de-power trainer kite. It’s an ideal Kitesurf trainer for schools, and perfect to have as a fun addition in the quiver to get family and friends into kiting! Being a lightweight package it is easy to travel with and keep in the car.


Maat Prijs (kite only)
2.5m 425€
4m 565€
5m 705€





Ozone Contact Water Bar 2018


The contact-water control system offers the latest in release features, a clean control bar design and a simple easy-to-use trimming system.

Bar 38-45-50 55cm Prijs
15m 449€
20m 475€
23m 495€
25m 505€
27m 518€


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