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Ozone Ignition V2

  • Simple to set up and fly, with lines pre-attached
  • 3-Line Internal Landing and Re-launch System
  • Easy to use Wrist Leash
  • Performs in a wide range of wind conditions
  • No previous kite experience required
  • Sizes to suit all ages and land kiting activities
  • Light weight and compact for easy travel
MaatPrijs (complete)




Peter Lynn Hype (2 lines)

  • Ready to fly
  • The Hype is the perfect companion for some easy going flying fun.
  • As every kite flier is likely to crash their kite sooner or later when they’re starting out
  • Another important feature in any beginner kite is stability
  • While the Hype is a very friendly kite, it does have some power, especially in higher winds.
ModelMaatPrijs (complete)
Peter Lynn Hype1,3m²60€
Peter Lynn Hype1,6m²70€
Peter Lynn Hype1,9m²90€
Peter Lynn Hype2,3m²110€
Peter Lynn Hype2,6m²135€

Peter Lynn Uniq TR (3 lines)

  • Ready to fly.
  • Perfect kite for a first kitesurf initiation
  • There is no bottom skin creating pressure inside the wing when you crash.
  • The single skin design is simple and straight forward, making powerkiting more accessible than ever.
  • The UNIQ series delivers more power in lower winds than any conventional foilkite out there.
  • The UNIQ TR comes with a control bar which makes flying the kite a breeze.
ModelMaatPrijs (bar)
Peter Lynn Uniq1.5m²150€
Peter Lynn Uniq2.5m²180€


Peter Lynn Impulse (3 lines)

  • Ready to fly
  • The Impulse TR has a big wind range
  • The third line on the Impulse TR has a double function
  • Designed as a trainer kite
  • The Impulse TR is very easy to fly in its lower wind range
  • Perfect kite for a first kitesurf initiation
  • Wrist leash, dont need no harness
ModelMaatPrijs (complete)
Peter Lynn Impulse1,5m²170€
Peter Lynn Impulse2m²190€
Peter Lynn Impulse3m²220€



Peter Lynn Uniq Quad (4 lines)

  • Ready to fly.
  • There is no bottom skin creating pressure inside the wing when you crash.
  • The single skin design is simple and straight forward, making powerkiting more accessible than ever.
  • The UNIQ Quad is equipped with 4-line handles, which make the kite highly responsive.
  • While the UNIQ quad packs down ridiculously small, it offers a lot of power per size.
Peter Lynn Uniq1.5m²165€
Peter Lynn Uniq2.5m²195€
Peter Lynn Uniq3.5m²220€
Peter Lynn Uniq4.5m²240€

Peter Lynn Hornet (4 lines)

  • Ready to fly.
  • The Peter Lynn Hornet is undoubtedly the best way to get into some serious powerkite flying.
  • As the Hornet is aimed at the serious starter, a lot of effort has been put into making the kite as accessible and dependable as possible.
  • The Hornet is easy to control through either 2 or 4-line steering.
  • The Hornet is called a ‘power’ kite for a reason!
ModelMaatWindPrijs (handle)Prijs (bar)
Peter Lynn Hornet2m²3 à 7 Bft209€239€
Peter Lynn Hornet3m²2 à 5 Bft249€279€
Peter Lynn Hornet4m²2 à 4 Bft275€299€
Peter Lynn Hornet5m²1.5 à 4 Bft299€329€
Peter Lynn Hornet6m²1.5 à 4 Bft335€365€



Peter Lynn Twister (4 lines)

  • Ready to fly.
  • The Twister has quite a big wind range.
  • The Twister delivers a lot of power and is renowned for its jumping potential.
  • The Peter Lynn Twister is hands down the best option to get into some serious kite jumping.
  • The Twisters refined design ensures that the kite delivers its power in a controllable way.
ModelMaatPrijs (handle)Prijs (bar)
Peter Lynn Twister3m²299€329€
Peter Lynn Twister4m²349€379€
Peter Lynn Twister5.5m²409€439€
Peter Lynn Twister7.5m²495€525€


Peter Lynn Leopard (5 lignes) – Snowkite Freestyle

  • Ready to fly.
  • The Leopards medium high Aspect Ratio design makes it a very fast kite down the line.
  • The specially designed Dyneema® bridle results in a highly responsive and quick turning wing.
  • The Leopard is not only fast down the line, it also turns on a dime
  • The Leopard has been designed to be your personal ski lift
  • In contrary to most other depower foils the Leopard is very well behaved
ModelMaatPrijs (kite only)Prijs (complete)
Peter Lynn Leopard7m²839€1259€
Peter Lynn Leopard9m²899€1319€
Peter Lynn Leopard11m²949€1369€
Peter Lynn Leopard13m²999€1419€










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