Ontdek de nieuwe model van Shinn boards 2017 !

SHINN Kiteboarding is een waardeerde merk bij BILLYKITE. De boards zijn door Mark Shinn ontwikkelde en is zijn doel duidelijk :

“Wij willen de best en de meest uitvoerend boards op het market fabriceren.
Mark Shinn

De volledig assortiment van SHINN is door BILLYKITE beschikbaar.

(Alles weten over Mark SHINN)


SHINN Monk GHOST – Ultimate Freeride – 819€

Maat : 131×40 / 133×41 / 135×42 / 137×44

Effortless chop handling, amazing carving, perfect edge control and never a drop in your eye the Monk is living proof that in a world of compromises there is still something special and unique to be found.

After 8 years of tweaking, fettling and honing we’ve mastered all the features that made this the most loved freeride board in the world. Grippier, slashier, speedier… how much more fun can you have? If you’re idea of kiteboarding is ripping, gouging and all round high speed fun then look no further.

If you’re looking for the ultimate board that revels in all conditions and ironically improves as the conditions deteriorate then your search is most probably over – no other board even comes close.

  • Awesome test winning performance
  • Sneaker 5 connection pack
  • All new SQ3 3D deck mould
  • Supplied with BITE fins
  • The original CC rocker line
  • 100% wood core
  • 2 year warranty



SHINN Monkette MIDNIGHT – Ultimate girl Freeride – 819€

Maat : 129 x 39 – 131 x 40 – 133 x 41

Monkette is the Shinn honed to the demands of the fairer sex. Designed to offer high, yet still accessible performance in a silky smooth package this is a dream ride for both playful and demanding ladies alike.

Our SQ3 mould technology, progressive concave and constant curve rocker deliver outstanding grip, effortless chop handling and superb, easy to access POP, all combined with one purpose in mind – making your moves bigger, smoother and more effortless. Big air, carving or freestyle the Monkette won’t hold you back – don’t let your board dictate to you, you choose how you ride.

Un-ashamedly sharing the Monk’s fine DNA the Monkette is probably the most relevant board on the market for women today and is living proof that in a world of compromises there is still something special and unique to be found. Make sure to claim this fine treat for yourself.

Awesome dedicated ladies performance

Designed for riding with both straps or boots

  • SQ3 3D deck mould for outstanding range
  • Supplied with BITE composite fins and handle
  • Awesome dedicated ladies performance
  • Inserts for both straps and boots
  • The original CC rocker line
  • Sneaker 5 connection pack
  • 100% wood core
  • 2 year warranty


SHINN RONSON PATROL – Enduro/Wakestyle – 849€

Maat : 136 x 41, 138 x 42, 140 x 43

It’s time for something completely different, it’s time for a new genre of board and Ronson is leading the way. Never before have we created a deck with so much confidence and so much prowess. Utilizing all the technology at our disposal Ronson bridges the gap between Freeride and Freestyle in a way we could only dream of a year or two ago.

What changed you may ask? Our all new Split Concave/Double Stepped Rails.. that’s what. These innovations allowed us to completely overhaul the flex profile of the board giving an inspired POP whilst maintaining the comfort and control needed for high speed boosting. Of course what goes up must come down and all that performance means nothing if you can’t stick the landing but Ronson slips (not slaps) back into the water -the Split Concave parting the surface and the Constant Curve rocker ensuring the tips will never catch.

Enduro/Freestyle call it what you will, just know that you’ll never have the wrong board under your feet when you choose Ronson.

  • Split Concave – 90 degree entry for improved edge grip at speed and buttery smooth landings
  • Double Stepped Tips improve carving POP whilst maintaining upwind drive
  • Ultimate versatility – More POP than a Monk, Better carving than an ADHD
  • Designed for Bindings or Straps – you choose
  • Completely new for 2017
  • Constant Curve Rocker creates confidence inspiring control in all conditions


SHINN Bronq Q – 999€

Maat : 135×41, 136×42 and 137×44



Versatility, excitement and luxury – the all new Bronq Q wraps all three into an exciting package with more than a hint of exclusivity. Enhancing the legendary Bronq Heritage with our cutting edge hydro-dynamic moulds allows us to bring you something  for 2017 that’s more than a little bit special.

Once again the task was set – improve the upwind ability, enhance the low end. Add more speed, more grip and more control but never forget the comfort, ease and plush-ness that the Bronq range has become synonymous for.

Whilst developing the Bronq Q we turned to the split concave/stepped tip design that’s gone down a storm on the Ronson and adapted it to take freeriding to a level never seen before. You can’t perform unless you’re in control and the Bronq Q eats chop and gusts for breakfast letting you get on with the mission in hand – maximum enjoyment no matter what.

Combining the best features of the past with yet another year of intensive R and D. A convergence of lessons learnt, designer ideology and manufacturing perfection we’re confident that this board is outstanding but don’t take our word for it go test it for yourself – just don’t expect to go back to your old ride and be content afterwards.

  • Shinn Squoval mould technology
  • High Modulus Carbon Laminate
  • Shinn SQ3 deck Mould
  • Constant Curve Rocker line
  • Super efficient Constant Curve Rocker
  • New Progressive concave enhancing low end ability
  • Full wood Balsa/Paulonia core
  • 2 year warranty
  • BITE composite fins and handle
  • Amazing Control, Grip and Speed



SHINN Bronq Q XL – 1049€

Maat : 148×47, 150×50


Lightweight, increased flex responsiveness and improved range – can there be a better set of characteristics to apply to a lightwind machine? The Bronq Q XL combines all the constructional advances of the Bronq Q and applies them to one of the most tricky challenges in TT design – making a super-early planning board with decent upper end range that’s still fun to ride.

We’re not all fortunate enough to have endless days of 20 knots trade winds to hone our skills, for most time on the water is still the exception rather than the rule. The Bronq Q XL was designed to stimulate light wind fun and yet won’t have you rushing for the beach the moment your kite starts to pull.

The right choice for both epic lightwind sessions and unexpectedly strong sea breezes the secret to this deck is it’s un-believable agility and supremely dynamic ride created through our proprietary balsa/carbon construction. Reducing weight was not the only goal but to provide a flex that was both reactive and efficient and still compliant and easy to control.

Go beyond your expectations and gain both time and fun on the water. The new Bronq Q XL … what’s not to like about that?



SHINN Pinbot RX3 – X-Over with the manners of a gentleman – 699€

Maat : 135 x 41, 138 x 42 and 141 x 44

Totally intuitive to ride and hugely versatile in all conditions, no other board handles such a myriad of conditions and styles with so much aplomb. Throughout all our range the Pinbot maintains some of the best upwind performance no matter the power levels, irrespective of the conditions. Whether carving, loading or transitioning at full power the Pinbot will never short change even the highest energy riders, yet still delivers exceptional drive and efficiency on less than ideal sessions. A wolf of X-Over with the manners of a gentleman, the Pinbot is set to re-define “can do” in 2015.

  • Hugely versatile in all conditions
  • Fantastic power range and stability
  • Shinn Sneaker 5 connection kit
  • BITE Composite fins and Handle
  • Constant Curve Rocker line
  • Shinn Squoval mould technology
  • Impressive carving and control
  • No Quibble 2 year Warranty



SHINN Shinnbag – 100€

Walled and padded kiteboard bag

Available in two sizes, 140 and 160

The Shinn board bag has a padded base, padded sidewalls and canvas top cover. It features a central carry handle and removable shoulder strap.

Nylon zip carriers are used, so your bag doesn’t corrode over the years in saltwater environments. Nothing worse than getting to the beach and finding a jammed up zipper!

It is possible to use this as an airline travel bag; if you strip the fins off your board and pack your kites neatly – a snug fit but doable with smaller kites


SHINN Sneaker SRS (Foot pad system) – 159€

Sneaker SRS – Light, Tight and frankly speaking… awesome.

In a quest to discover the ultimate connection we turned to both the winter and two wheeled sports for inspiration. Tested and approved through many seasons the ratchet system had been time and again proven to provide reliable, trouble free and micro adjustable service. Easy one click adjustment ensure even the most demanding rider can find the perfect set up for their feet.

Subject to 18 months of intensive research, development and testing (and we do A LOT of kiteboarding in 18 months) the Sneaker SRS represents a quantum leap forwards in both comfort and performance.

“Set and forget” or easily adjustable even whilst on the fly, no webbing or Velcro system can even come close to the precision and ease of this development and when combined with our 3D, form fitting foam, memory foam equipped, super plush pads – well, we don’t think there is a lighter, stronger, better fitting or more comfortable system on the market today.

  • Micro Adjustable Ratchet system ensuring not only the perfect fit but  sublime amounts of “stick-tion” as well.
  • On-the-fly adjustment – even whilst jumping (if you dare!)
  • Zoned Surface Texture…. Grip where you need with no restriction on ease of entry.
  • 3D shaped, form fitting, memory foam equipped surface to better support your feet.
  • Super plush EVA heel cushioning provides precisely the right tactile feel whilst protecting your knees and ankles.




De kies van de maat is essentieel als we een nieuwe board koop. Een model in de slechte maat nemen kan de idee dat we van de board had verpesten !

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