Ontdek de nieuwe foil modellen voor Shinn 2016 vanaf 849€ !
Disponibles chez Billykite = http://billykite.be/shinn-foil/

SHINN Kiteboarding is een Gewaardeerd merk bij BILLYKITE. De boards zijn door Mark Shinn en is zijn doel duidelijk :

“Wij willen de best en de meest uitvoerend boards op het market fabriceren.
Mark Shinn

De volledig assortiment van SHINN is door BILLYKITE beschikbaar.

(Alles weten over Mark SHINN)



SHINN Shinnster FOIL = Strapped, Strapless, Foiled – 499€

Maat : 160×46


Strapped or Strapless

Ideal One Board Solution

Foil Plate Avoids Compromised FLEX

A kiteboarding phenomenon, the Shinnster has put a smile on the face of many a kiteboarder in the last few of years. For 2016 we’ve added to it’s unique performance and ease of use by adapting it to optional foil use.

By taking advantage of our innovative foil plate we’ve maintained the shape and flex from the much loved original thus retaining the soft ride and intuitive feel however the addition of inserts means strapping it up and bolting the foil on is merely moments away opening up a whole new dimension in light wind, flying fun.

Make your choice from fins only for conventional riding or enjoy the full package with straps, surf pads, foil and plate for the open minded.

Wax it, pad it, fin it or foil it – the Shinnster oozes style but only you can decide which one on which day.

  • Strapped, Strapless or Foil use
  • Highly evolved flex pattern for ease of use
  • 1, 2 or 3 strap possibilties
  • Full wood core and adapted for Foil Plate use
  • Choice of Conventional or Foiling package
  • Made in Europe
  • 2 YearWarranty on all parts



SHINN Jackson – 699€

Maat : 120×45 – 145×45

Not looking for a compromise? jackson is the first 100% dedicated foil board from shinn and as you’d expect it’s packed with new features and innovation. conceived from a completely clean sheet this new range exemplifies the needs of the modern day foiler looking to jump, carve and cruise no matter the wind conditions.

We started with ideas, a list of all the features a dedicated foil board should have and then we innovated and tested until all the boxes were ticked. With jackson it was the development of the chine rail that allowed us to incorporate the stiffness so vital in a high performance foil board without resorting to either extra core thickness or excess lamination of the deck.

This key feature also reduces rail-catch when carving tightly or driving hard upwind. a wide nose with plenty of  coop permits rider survival through occasional touchdowns whilst the flat tail rocker ensures essential efficiency crucial to starting in minimal conditions. the first board to be fitted with our all new trim-tracks, jackson allows easy foil position tuning for multiple rider ability levels on one board in addition to performance adjustments as the conditions change. from first day beginner to freeriding expert alike – jackson fulfils the needs of all committed foilers.

  • Chine rails
  • Trim-track equipped
  • One-piece 3d foot traction
  • Low volume deck
  • High lift cavity
  • Sneaker ltd straps
  • Full wood core
  • No quibble warranty



SHINN Alu Hydrofoil 2017 – 949€/999€

Masts = 40-60-90cm


Sometimes you just don’t know what you need until you try it. everybody loves the feeling of achievement and success, it’s not so much about reaching the summit of the mountain but making the small steps needed along the way. when asking riders about their reluctance to foil the answer is always the same – it’s too dangerous and too difficult, well we have news for you – the shinn model p is about to change all that.

Imagine making flying runs during your first hour on the water with a foil – well we’ve got the gear that will get everybody hooked. a wing that not only starts early but is also highly resistant to stalling allowing first timers to ride at a speed they’re comfortable with. a wing that has such a predictable and stable lift pattern that even first timers can control their board as soon as it starts to fly. a wing so pitch-stable that over-foiling is quickly a thing of the past allowing you to ride with confidence and focus on learning – not just surviving (and having no sharp edges certainly doesn’t detract from this feeling either!). an absolute gift for beginning to foil that no rider should be forced to learn without.

And you know what’s even better? it’s a wing that you won’t grow out of either… all of the benefits for the learner foiler are duplicated for the experienced rider looking to push their transitions further. massively reduce the time needed to master those tricky transitions and perfect your fancy footwork at comfortable velocity before stepping back onto your freeride rig for full speed foiling turns perfectly executed. for the watermen (and women) amongst us this combination of low speed lift, high stall tolerance and easy pitch control also make it the ideal cross-over wing for sup foil surfing or downwind foiling missions.

Learn, progress or sup, this is the foil you didn’t know you needed (till now!).




SHINN Shinnbag – 100€

Walled and padded kiteboard bag

Available in two sizes, 140 and 160

The Shinn board bag has a padded base, padded sidewalls and canvas top cover. It features a central carry handle and removable shoulder strap.

Nylon zip carriers are used, so your bag doesn’t corrode over the years in saltwater environments. Nothing worse than getting to the beach and finding a jammed up zipper!

It is possible to use this as an airline travel bag; if you strip the fins off your board and pack your kites neatly – a snug fit but doable with smaller kites




Le choix de la taille est primordial quand on achète une board. Prendre un modèle dans la mauvaise taille peut ruiner l’idée qu’on se fait de la planche!

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