Découvrez les nouveaux modèles de foils Shinn 2018 dés 849€ !
Disponibles chez Billykite = http://billykite.be/shinn-foil/

SHINN Kiteboarding est une marque très appréciée chez BILLYKITE les planches sont développées par Mark Shinn dont l’objectif est clair:

« nous voulons fabriquer les planches les plus performantes et les plus agréables à naviguer sur le marché. »
Mark Shinn

La gamme complète SHINN kiteboarding est disponible chez BILLYKITE. (Tout savoir sur Mark SHINN)

SHINN Shinnster FOIL = Strapped, Strapless, Foiled – 499€

Sizes: 160×46


Strapped or Strapless

Ideal One Board Solution

Foil Plate Avoids Compromised FLEX

A kiteboarding phenomenon, the Shinnster has put a smile on the face of many a kiteboarder in the last few of years. For 2016 we’ve added to it’s unique performance and ease of use by adapt-ing it to optional foil use.

By taking advantage of our innovative foil plate we’ve maintained the shape and flex from the much loved original thus retaining the soft ride and intuitive feel however the addition of inserts means strapping it up and bolting the foil on is merely moments away opening up a whole new dimension in light wind, flying fun.

Make your choice from fins only for conventional riding or enjoy the full package with straps, surf pads, foil and plate for the open minded.

Wax it, pad it, fin it or foil it – the Shinnster oozes style but only you can decide which one on which day.

  • Strapped, Strapless or Foil use
  • Highly evolved flex pattern for ease of use
  • 1, 2 or 3 strap possibilties
  • Full wood core and adapted for Foil Plate use
  • Choice of Conventional or Foiling package
  • Made in Europe
  • 2 YearWarranty on all parts


SHINN Jackson – 729€

Sizes: 120×45 – 130×45 – 145×45


Not looking for a compromise? jackson is the first 100% dedicated foil board from shinn and as you’d expect it’s packed with new features and innovation. conceived from a completely clean sheet this new range exemplifies the needs of the modern day foiler looking to jump, carve and cruise no matter the wind conditions.

We started with ideas, a list of all the features a dedicated foil board should have and then we innovated and tested until all the boxes were ticked. With jackson it was the development of the chine rail that allowed us to incorporate the stiffness so vital in a high performance foil board without resorting to either extra core thickness or excess lamination of the deck.

This key feature also reduces rail-catch when carving tightly or driving hard upwind. a wide nose with plenty of  coop permits rider survival through occasional touchdowns whilst the flat tail rocker ensures essential efficiency crucial to starting in minimal conditions. the first board to be fitted with our all new trim-tracks, jackson allows easy foil position tuning for multiple rider ability levels on one board in addition to performance adjustments as the conditions change. from first day beginner to freeriding expert alike – jackson fulfils the needs of all committed foilers.


SHINN FOIL – P MODEL 2018 – 999€

Masts = 60-75-90cm


Imagine making flying runs during your first 30 minutes with a foil… An impossible dream only 18 months past the Shinn Model P has bought foilboarding within the reach of any competent TT rider and eliminated the frustrating and painful learning process of only a few short years ago.
It’s not just the extreme low speed lift (starting for as little as 10 kph) that makes it so easy A sport limited to the rider elite only 2 years ago foilboarding has come of age as riders of all ages and abilities look to take advantage of its benefits. When asking riders about their reluctance to foil the answer is always the same – it’s too difficult and too dangerous, well we have news for you – the Shinn Model P has changed all that and continues to lead the way in unbelievably safe and easy progress right from day one.

But also the predictable and progressive pitch control that eliminates the “rise and crash” scenes previously synonymous with learning to foil and for 2018 we’ve added the new larger ST3 stabiliser making it even easier than before. Available with a wide variety of mast lengths for progression at all levels (40, 60, 75 and 90cm) you can also be sure your investment is not short lived as the foil structure features full modular compatibility with all other wings and stabilisers in the Shinn range allowing fast and costeffective performance upgrades if and when you are ready for more.


Masts = 60-75-90cm

Designed to provide lift at low speeds and yet retain enough top end to keep it fun the Mega K provides stability and manoeuvrability making it perfect for SUP, SURF or Kitewave foiling in small to medium sized waves. Utilizing a low to mid aspect ratio wing with a high rake delta outline has allowed us to provide the massive speed range needed to handle both starting and control on the wave face. The main New for 2018 the Mega K is the most versatile wing in the Shinn range. Originally designed with Surf and SUP in mind it’s also proved to be exceptionally well suited to kite-foiling in waves and in extreme light winds. With a surprisingly high top speed for a wing of this size and yet still un-believable low speed starting (as low as 8 kph) Mega K leads us down the path of multi-discipline wings.

wings blended winglets work with the flat stabiliser to give great directional stability without limiting the carving potential even at crazy slow speeds.
So why do we recommend the Mega K for extreme light wind kiting as well? Low speed starting is the key where the challenge is to generate enough speed to start foiling. With the Mega K the power needed to water start is already enough to fly and with a top speed in excess of 35 kph you’ll be cruising when even other foilers are left sitting on the beach.


SHINN FOIL – K MODEL 2018 – 999€

Masts = 60-75-90cm

Riding your P with ease but not looking to make life hard for yourself by moving onto a high speed, high technique dependant free race foil? The Model K was developed with “2nd season” foilers in mind and was designed to ensure your progress remains as fast and painless as your first season on the Model P was. Impressive low speed starting and Speed range, stability, great pitch control and amazing carving. It reads like a shopping list for your next foil but the new Model K really does do it all. Inspired by the need for a foil to fill the gap between the impossibly easy to learn on P foil and high speed Model F, the Model K represents our vision for the perfect x-over, multi purpose foil. a high angle of attack stall resistance means you
don’t need the footwork of a ballerina to master the tricky footswitches required for flying tacks and gybes and yet lock it down and pour on the power
and the Model K accelerates and tracks assuredly with a feeling far more often associated with high performance race or free-race foils.
Strapless action, light wind cruising, transition mastery – massive functioning speed range and easy pitch control mean the Model K fulfils the
needs of even the most advanced foilers looking for something other than just flat out speed.

SHINN FOIL – F MODEL 2018 – 949€

Masts = 60-75-90cm

Designed, tested and produced with a true passion for the sport the Model F is designed to satisfy the desires of the more experienced foilboarder looking for fast upwind, aggressive carving, solid jumping and yet maintain enough pitch stability and low speed stall capability to be forgiving during those Introduced last year the Model F foil is our fast freeride foil desiged for intermediate to advanced riders looking for high speed freeride action. Capable of speed in excess of 50kph only full race foils are capable of higher speeds but none can match the pitch stability and easy handling of the Model F. challenging foot switches, tacks and gybes that can catch out even the most accomplished of riders. Perfect when matched with smaller boards the Model F was designed, like all our foils, with top mounted wings to ensure durability and rigidity should the worst happen and your foil meets the bottom unexpectedly. Available with any of our mast lengths but recommended with 90cm and with modular compatibility to all our other wings and stabilisers

– if you’re looking for a fast, stable foil with high speed capabilities and well above average durability then the Model F will be hard to look past.

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