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Réparation Kitesurf gratuite chez BILLYKITE !

Quoi de pire que de rentrer d’une session de kitesurf avec une aile neuve déchirée en deux et de se retrouver en plus avec 200€ de réparation dans les dents.  A partir de 2016, BILLYKITE va vous redonner le sourire!
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O’Neill Higher film premiere (BE) & Jeremy Jones signing session

O’Neill and global team rider Jeremy Jones are gearing up for the European premiere screenings of Higher, the final chapter in Jones’ Deeper, Further, Higher series of big mountain snowboarding films.

Produced by Teton Gravity Research and supported by O’Neill every step of the way, Higher completes the freeride film trilogy that has taken more than six years from the point of conception to completion.

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