Vliegerlijst beschikbaar bij het kitesurf winkel, BILLYKITE.


Mini-EddyMini-Eddy & Eddy (vanaf 8€ tot 20€)

Little kites very simple to use for kids from 3 to 5 years. Very easy to build and fly. The kide is sold ready to use. Colors and designs avalaible for every taste.

Maat : 30cm – 50cm – 70cm





Kutes van het type “windzak” (Vanaf 15€)

Kites with 2 or more boxes, very easy to use. The most advanced models from 50€ provide more hangtime/stability (to fix a camera for exemple).






De 3D kites (vanaf 40€ tot 52€)

3D kite, with stunning design !






De artistische kites (vanaf 40€ tot 280€)

Those beautifull kites creates shinny colors and special effects in the sky.









BILLYKITE – Kite en open air spel winkel in Brussel.


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