Slingshot Kite est une marque de légende dans l’univers du Kitesurf. Présente depuis presque le début, cette écurie a fait naître les plus grandes icônes de notre discipline:

Si nous devions vous résumer cette marque en quelques mots:

  • La marque la plus robuste sur tout le marché. Jamais vous ne trouverez quelqu’un déçu de la qualité Made by SLINGSHOT et cela à travers le temps.
  • Jamais vous vous ferez déstabiliser par une SLINGSHOT. Vous êtes à bord d’un cruiser prêt à envoyer les plus gros tricks dans tout type de conditions.

Liste des produits Slingshot Kiteboarding disponibles au magasin de kitesurf, BILLYKITE.

  • Nue = avec Ailerons + Visserie

Slingshot Asylum 2018 : Wakestyle

• A board to take your freestyle game to the next level
• Insane grip, load & pop: boosts huge, sticks hard landings
• Pierces chop, shreds flat water
• Smooth, consistent flex w/ Bedrock Carbon Inserts
• Flexible, durable made in the USA wood-core construction

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Slingshot Misfit 2018 polyvalente : Freeride/Freestyle

• One board to rule all conditions
• Slices through chop & rips up wind
• Progress quickly with but will not outgrow
• Smooth, consistent flex w/ Carbon Bedrock Inserts
• Dynamic, durable, hand built wood-core construction

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Slingshot Refraction 2018 : Freestyle

• Board of choice for globetrotting pro Sam Light
• Upgraded .7 MM Dura-Glide Base for sliding and grinding
• Great crossover board for cable parks
• Don’t catch an edge: base, rails designed for obstacles
• Durable and dynamic made in the USA wood core construction

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Slingshot Pads/Straps Dually 2017 : 159€

• Perfect fit w/ four-point micro-adjustment straps and Velcro closure
• Longer sessions, happier feet w/ ergonomically-designed footbeds
• Great binding for booties: fits large feet, straps down tight
• Cushy comfort on tough landings
• Freestyle friendly, grippy texture and toe ridges keep the board on your feet






Slingshot Celeritas 2018

The Celeritas is the most versatile all-around board on our lineup, ideal for riders who want one option that can do everything well. The Celeritas features a stout body, curved outline and mild rocker. The result is a stable board that planes easily, performs great in light wind and slower speeds and carves upwind well. The Celeritas’ rounded thumb tail and three-fin configuration give it a snappy feel, while far-back stomp pad and foot strap inserts give riders the ability to position themselves directly over the rear fins for aggressive handling and locked-in turning.

You’ll love the Celeritas if you want the most versatile and comprehensive surfboard in Slingshot’s lineup. Designed with a curvy outline, rounded thumb tail and a mild rocker that blends from the center to the tail, the result is an aggressive yet stable board that appeals to riders of all levels, in all types of conditions. Surf straps not included: Why pay for something if you’re not going to use it? For 2017, Slingshot has decided to sell surf straps separately instead of including them with the purchase of every surfboard. Boards have been reduced in price to account for this, so the cost will be comparable for riders who want both, and cheaper for riders who don’t care for straps.

• Super versatile shape ideal for all conditions
• Classic thumb tail provides all-around performance
• Stability, agility w/ stout body, curvy outline
• Trusted all-around shortboard shape
• No tools, no hassle with click-in/out FCSll fin system


Slingshot Tyrant 2017

The Tyrant is a classic short board profile designed for hard-charging, down-the-line performance, big wave conditions, high speeds and high-powered locked-in carving. Although a solid all-around short board shape, the Tyrant excels with aggressive riders who can take full advantage of its slender profile, snappy turns and high-speed capabilities. The Tyrant features a rocker designed for high-performance wave riding and a rounded squash tail that yields snap off the lip and locked-in bottom turns. Additional rear footstrap inserts have been added farther back, directly over the back fin to maximize these characteristics for strapped-in riders.

You’ll love the Tyrant if you want a surfboard that excels in a variety of wind and wave conditions, with high-performance down-the-line riding for an aggressive, lip-slashing style.

• Classic short board shape for dedicated surfers
• Aggressive heel-toe edging
• Ride fast, carve hard, pull into steep waves
• More snap, more pivot w/ rounded squash tail
• Best option for hard-charging surfer





Slingshot Screamer 2018

Cousin to the Tyrant but with a progressive snub-nose shape to reduce front-end size and weight, the Screamer is a playful and agile board that will appeal to riders of all disciplines. Its pulled-in thumb tail and three-fin setup provide solid all-around performance and control at speed for traditional wave riding, while its shorter length and unique T-Rex nose profile makes strapless airs, tricks and strapped-in boosting considerably easier than with longer, more traditional shapes. The Screamer is offered in 5’2”, 5’4” and 5’6” lengths and features a parallel rail outline and single-concave rocker. This makes for a compact and highly maneuverable ride that can handle any conditions you throw at it.

You’ll love the Screamer if you’re among the new-era of kiters that wants both solid wave performance and progressive freestyle capabilities out of the same surfboard. The board’s parallel rail outline, “pulled-in” thumb tail and single-concave rocker make it a fast, stable and slashy choice for all-around wave riding.

• Agile, freestyle-friendly T-Rex shape
• Less front-end swing weight great for aerials
• Aggressive heal/toe carving with parallel rail outline
• Pulled-in thumb tail yields slashy, high-speed control
• No tools, no hassle with click-in/out FCSll fin system


Slingshot Angry Swallow 2018

The Angry Swallow is a board that shines in marginal wind and wave conditions, when more traditional shapes would leave you left behind by mushy waves, struggling to stay upwind or get out past the break. Based on Slingshot’s hybrid T-Rex profile, the Angry Swallow is the most buoyant board in our lineup, which creates a stable, yet snappy freestyle-friendly feel that only a board of its size and shape can provide. With the performance of a larger, full-volume board in a small package, this is an excellent choice for riders who frequent onshore wind, rough, choppy breaks or who want a solid all-around setup that can perform well in a wide variety of conditions. The Angry Swallow features a parallel rail outline, which adds surface area for better handling in mushy conditions. An aggressive winged diamond swallow tail gives the board tight, snappy turns and helps it keep up with marginal or mushy waves.

You’ll love the Angry Swallow if you’re looking for a mix of stability and all-condition wave performance with a snappy, responsive and freestyle-friendly feel that only a board of its size and shape can provide.

• Excels in marginal wave conditions
• Our highest-buoyancy board
• Agile, freestyle-friendly T-Rex shape
• Super slashy diamond swallow tail
• Edge harder w/ parallel rail outline







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