Slingshot Kite est une marque de légende dans l’univers du Kitesurf. Présente depuis presque le début, cette écurie a fait naître les plus grandes icônes de notre discipline:

Si nous devions vous résumer cette marque en quelques mots:

  • La marque la plus robuste sur tout le marché. Jamais vous ne trouverez quelqu’un déçu de la qualité Made by SLINGSHOT et cela à travers le temps.
  • Jamais vous vous ferez déstabiliser par une SLINGSHOT. Vous êtes à bord d’un cruiser prêt à envoyer les plus gros tricks dans tout type de conditions.

Liste des produits Slingshot Kiteboarding disponibles au magasin de kitesurf, BILLYKITE.


Slingshot RPM 2019 : Hybride Freestyle –  from 1140€

La Slingshot RPM est une aile de légende designée par SLINGSHOT Kiteboarding. Certains apprennent à faire leurs premiers bords avec pendant que d’autres comme Youri Zoon et Carlos Mario l’amène sur la première place du podium de championnat freestyle de Kite. L’essayer c’est l’adopter.

  • IRS pulleyless SLINGSHOT System permettant d’encaisser les plus violentes rafales.
  • One-Pump Speed system
  • Plage haute, efficace dans le vente fort.
  • Énorme pop progressif pour une prise de cart toujours parfait.
  • Redécollage rapide et facile.
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Slingshot Turbine 2019 : Hangtime/Race/Foil – from 1679€

Full power in a full range: The Turbine has proven to be one of the best light-wind kites ever made. For 2017, Slingshot is unleashing this high-aspect, high-efficiency machine in a full range of sizes. All the same qualities that make the Turbine such a great light wind kite translate to an aggressive, high-power, high-performance weapon as you go down in size and up in wind speed. 

The proven light wind kite of choice for riders of all abilities. The Turbine’s high-aspect, high-efficiency profile gets you out and riding when others watch from the shore hoping for the wind to pick up.

• High-aspect, high-efficiency platform in a full range of sizes
• High-performance handling for intermediate to advanced riders
• Shape and aspect favor speed and superior efficiency
• Unrivaled upwind tracking
• Massive airs, lofty hangtime

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Slingshot Rally 2019 : Freeride/Wave – from 1155€

The Rally will take you where you want to go. Upwind, downwind, back rolls, front rolls, mega boosts, waves or flat water, the Rally has done it all. It’s even crossed the Atlantic.*

The Rally inspires confidence, knowing that it will make you a better rider no matter what you’re up to, your on the right kite. Great range and depower, easy relaunch, solid upwind ability, predictable performance in gusty wind, lofty hang-time and solid crossover surf performance- if you’re looking for one kite that does everything well, you will find none better than the Rally.

  • The ultimate utility player- one kite for all conditions
  • Worry-free relaunch, wide range and great depower
  • Reinforced surf-tough construction built to take a pounding
  • Forgiving, safe and stable- exceptional user-friendly progression
  • Lofty airs, fun freeride performance
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Slingshot WAVE SST 2019 : Dedicated toWave – from 1050€

The SST means surf, foiling, freeride freedom. Carve upwind for miles to find the best swell, slash harder than riders half your age, then dash downwind, swap your surfboard for a foil and do it all over again. The magic of the SST is in its amazing drift and responsive handling, even when depowered, sheeted out and drifting downwind.

Where any other kite would barely steer at all, or fall out of the sky, the SST drifts like a feather remaining quick and reactive at the bar, almost as if it knows what you’re going to do before you do it.

  • Superior surf and foil performance
  • Drifts like a dream
  • Solid crossover flat water + surf performance
  • Responsive steering, even when sheeted out or drifting downwind
  • Condensed IRS bridle won’t wrap around wingtips
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Slingshot Sentinel Control Bar 2019 : 519€

Trusted, proven rider-simplicity at its finest; no gizmos or gimmicks, just clean design, intuitive function and bombproof construction. You are the driver, this is your steering wheel. Your bar should not come between you and your kite, it should feel like an extension of your arms. This is the Compstick.

Equipped with the strongest flying lines in the industry (800lb test inside lines, 500lb test outside lines), easy release/reset safety systems and a clean, comfortable interface, it instills confidence and lets you forget about your bar and ride like you’re connected directly to the kite. The Compstick is available in two layout options, our patented below-the-bar and the traditional above-the-bar depower.

  • Clean, simple above the bar trim
    Below the bar swivel for easy-reach untwisting
  • The strongest flying lines in kiteboarding
  • Updated safety release makes resetting even easier
  • Set your throw with adjustable trim cleat



  • 17 in bar x 20 meter lines
  • 20 in. bar x 20 meter lines (+3 meter extensions)
  • 23 in. bar x 27 meter lines





  •  Nue = avec Ailerons + Visserie


Slingshot Vision 2019 : Tout terrain

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Slingshot Asylum 2019 : Wakestyle

  • High-rocker freestyle and flatwater shredder
  • Huge pop, soft landings
  • Aggressive channeling creates board speed and grip
  • Lively and durable wood-core construction
  • Upgraded Dura-Glide base for kickers, rails and sliders
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Slingshot Misfit 2019 polyvalente : Freeride/Freestyle


  • Slingshot’s premiere all-around twin tip
  • Hybrid Koroyd and Wood Core is lighter and stronger
  • Mild rocker ideal for carving upwind, slashing swell and busting through chop
  • Protective urethane rails
  • Excellent choice for all levels of progression
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Slingshot Refraction 2019 : Freestyle

  • Built for competition-level kicker, slider and wakestyle riding
  • Extra thick Dura-Glide base can take a major beating
  • Medium rocker, stiff flex dialed hard-charging riders
  • Solid crossover cable park board
  • Tip and tail channels allow pressing on features without catching an edge
  • Lively and durable wood-core construction with urethane rails


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Slingshot Pads/Straps Dually 2019 : 159€


  • Perfect fit w/four-point micro-adjustment straps & velcro closure
  • Longer sessions, happier feet w/ ergonomically-designed footbeds
  • Great binding for booties: fits large feet, straps down tight
  • Super secure, grippy texture & toe ridges help keep the board on the board on your feet without strain
  • Cushy comfort on tough landings








Slingshot Celero FR 2019

The Celero FR is like your favorite pair of jeans – comfortable, reliable and versatile. They never go out of style, never let you down and you trust their performance no matter what conditions you encounter during the day.

The Celero FR is the most popular board in our lineup, and for good reason. Its classic shortboard shape has a familiar feel for any surfer and provides a perfect blend of performance and versatility for riders of all shapes, sizes and skill level.


  • Versatile shape ideal for all conditions
  • The one-board quiver
  • Modified winged thumb tail provides all-around performance & snappy turns
  • Stability, agility w/ stout body, curvy outline
  • Trusted all-around shortboard shape
  • Carbon stringers and tail provide durability



Slingshot Tyrant 2019

Classic shape with speed down the line deliberate turning. The Tyrant is a serious wave board that embodies the term Throwing Buckets. It charges down the line, carves with conviction and when you slash top turns it sprays more water than a fire brigade.


  • Classic short board shape for dedicated surfers
  • Aggressive heel-toe edging
  • Ride fast, carve hard, pull into steep waves
  • More snap, more pivot w/ rounded squash tail
  • Best option for hard-charging surfers
  • Carbon stringers and tail provide durability






Slingshot Screamer 2019

Beast in the break with aggressive turning that will make you scream. It’s hard for us to label anything we make a “favorite,” but the Screamer is hard to beat in our home turf of The Gorge, where we get crazy wind, strong currents, swell as big as railroad cars, epic down-winders and first-rate waves a couple hours away at the Oregon Coast. For all-out, high-performance riding in all types of conditions, the Screamer is just plain badass.

Modern shape /Built for speed, agility and high-performance handling, the Screamer is board you can ride hard all day and happily take out for drinks afterward. Cousin to the Tyrant but with our signature T-Rex nose profile, this is a board for aggressive riders who edge hard, jump like they’re on a twin tip and desire locked-in heel-toe carving.

  • Aggressive all-around high performance
  • Updated winged tail for more snap and pivot
  • Great for fast down-the-line wave riding
  • Carbon stringers and tail provide durability
  • Updated tail shape yields more snap and pivot

Slingshot Angry Swallow 2019

Make any day anywhere exciting. Goes upwind and stays up wind. The highest-volume board in our lineup, with a chopped T-Rex nose and parallel rail outline. The Angry Swallow delivers the performance and stability of a full-volume board in a shorter, more maneuverable and portable package. *

This flat water, strapless, freestyle performer, travels easily due to the nose shape and jumps oh so well.

  • Excels in marginal wind and wave conditions
  • All-around freeride performance
  • Our best choice for strapless freestyle
  • The most buoyant board in our lineup
  • Carbon stringers and tail provide durability
  • Updated tail shape yields more snap and pivot




Slingshot Mixer 2019

Your choice for blending groverler and down the line conditions into a super fun day. It’s like a mix of your two favorite cocktails. The best parts and pieces from all the Slingshot boards, shaken together with resin.

The Mixer can be used in small mushy waves, riding down the line and larger ocean swells. High performance, quad-fin carver features a double-wing rounded pin tail and quad-concave bottom. Designed to bridge the gap between the classic short board feel and versatility of the Celero and the high-speed, down-the-line performance of the Tyrant.

  • Hybrid high performance short board feel
  • Quad fin and tail shape yield strong back foot performance
  • Quad concave bottom provides grip on rail and locked in turns
  • Carbon stringers and tail provide durability








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